High-rise luxury condo building featuring a 10th floor dog park with a scented, self-cleaning doggie toilet

by Myke on May 22, 2007

Jim Hightower blogs about a building innovation: POOPING IN LUXURY. Excerpts below.

Austin is to be the first city in the nation to have a high-rise luxury condo building featuring a 10th floor dog park with – get this – a scented, self-cleaning doggie toilet!!

This automated pooch poop potty consists of an 18-square-inch, stainless steel plate that is scented with a chemical aroma that attracts dogs needing to do their business. I don’t know exactly what that aroma is – but I don’t really want to know. When a dog does his thing on the steel plate, the pet owner simply hits a specially-issued electronic fob and – zzzzzzt – a scraper slides across to deposit the poop into a flush system.

The designer of this wondrous new canine pooper scooper thinks it’ll be a big selling point for the 55-story condo, where units start at half-a-million bucks and rise toward $4 million. He notes that “Owners of condominiums don’t want to walk around with a bag in their hands.”

Austonian condo tower

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